John D.Byrnes, Founder, CEO

Center for Agression Management
Can We Actually Prevent the Next Act of Violence? A Revolutionary Concept!

Safety Professionals, are too often relegated to reacting to, not preventing, an incident.  There is an entire industry built around the notion of violence prevention through Threat Assessment, but too often Threat Assessment fails to prevent violence.  Why? 


Learn how to quite literally get out in front of threats of violence and prevent them! Come learn from John D. Byrnes, Founder and CEO of the Center for Aggression Management, as he shares his twenty years of research with his unique and scientifically-validated Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS). Learn how and why our Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) identifies individuals on the path to a violent attack! CAPS has been scientifically-validated at Eastern Kentucky University with nearly three years of utility, and even the FBI’s Behavioral Threat Assessment Center has begun using “path to a violent attack” to prevent shootings. Further, a derivation of CAPS (NaBITA Threat Assessment Tool) is currently being used by over 177 College and University Behavioral Intervention Teams to assess the risk of violence on their campuses.


The CAPS system identifies the precursors to any individual coming to the scene for the first time, or a long time employee, with the intent to commit violence, affording you the opportunity to prevent it!  This is a rare opportunity to look inside and explore this reliable and objective Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS).  Come learn from Keynote speaker, John D. Byrnes, Founder and CEO of the Center for Aggression Management, as he shares his unique and proprietary Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS).



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