***Safety Day 2020 Postponed***

A letter from our Chairman

In the wake of recent updates, and updated safety protocols in many areas regarding COVID-19, the Alliance for Central Florida Safety (ACFS) has decided to postpone our annual Safety Day conference.  Our focus is to support Safety in Central Florida, and we feel that postponing our annual event is in the best interest of our organization, attendees, and vendors.  We are currently working with the Rosen Group to establish a new date for Safety Day 2020, and will update all of our attendees and vendors wa sson as we have information about a new date for the conference.  In the meantime, we are still going to work hand in hand with local health organizations to provide vital information about COVID-19 to our distributions groups.

Thank you,

Joshua Caudill


Alliance for Central Florida Safety

Check out a sneak peek of one of the Safety Day Presentations...


The next ACFS meeting will be on:

 Tuesday, May 12th, 2020


Children's Safety Village, 910 Fairvilla Rd, Orlando, FL 32808



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